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Andy Heuer
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Andy Heuer This is mid-tempo crossover thrash at its absolute finest. It’s crunchy, angry and unapologetic. The production is flawless, capturing an honest and raw energy that rivals that of Power Trip. The lyrics also merit mention – they are intelligent and forceful; every line is delivered with conviction and purpose. Wow, what a statement this demo makes! What a time to be a fan of thrash! Favorite track: CIVILIZED MIND.
One Pump Lover
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One Pump Lover Saw these guys open for DRI last year and grabbed the demo on cassette. It's been on high rotation in the car since. Amazing stuff. One of my favorite releases of 2017.
Lute FP
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Lute FP Killer retro thrash. These guys will be huge if they manage to put out a full length album and back it up with touring. Rarely do you hear such quality from modern bands. My only complaint is that at about 8 minutes of play time it's too short.

And for a demo, the production is amazing. As in perfect.
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The power to control, the power to create manipulate force feed my fate, break the world's back on my knees gripped by my hands, hypnotized by the gutter in my mouth A pawn, a plebe, you'll never mean anything to me Just a rung on a ladder. Broken, I still plant my boot on your side Burning and cold: Satiated by the crippling of the bold You'll taste the strength in my voice when my hand hits the earth: I am the maelstrom I am the coming storm immovable stone unstoppable force Harmonic arrogance; ultimate fantasy realized
The Holy Land Blood sifting in sand given the chance to die fighting for your soul it's all just aggression at the gesture of remission circumvent the apocalypse the world of God bleeding from your lips Starvation:Hallucination Saints and Martyrs forcing your hand Only to break the foundation from what you live Screams of pain, screams of hunger a hunger driving you violent, violent and wild Ambushed on all sides, instinct your only ally distrust from the inside A rope from a lesser, sell out your oppressor sadistic symptom of lust you'll earn salvation when the walls bust
A life of pain turned into greed no means of satisfaction; constant instinct to feed shooting up the ashes of a world gone mad you keep fucking the hole that you bore into your head Lust for the immoral what you want is on your plate the key's in your hand unlocking Babylon's gates Smirk of confidence with shit between your teeth indulging your own outrage to justify the means The supremacists have spoken and all the scumbags agree that you're an ever shining star that will wash away hypocrisy Revelation rider poised to reap til kingdom come you want to unleash hell on anything anyone Living in the ashes of a world gone mad Living off the ashes in a world... Dead
Counterfeit in nature, I'd rather choke on the truth Tears pray for a savior, Petals falling from the bloom of youth No promises: all callouses no fingers crossed: paradise lost a fucking cannonball: I am Neanderthal head into the wall: watch the cowards crawl I feel no comfort in kindness: civilization's a sore Scab. Cyst. Ignorant bliss Mankind's a corpse wading in piss If you're not awake then you're asleep: the civilized world is weak and cheap. But that's the flaw of the flock, 'cause when the predators come you're picked off one by one No fingers crossed, paradise lost Serpent in garden Redemption found on the ass of a pew Serpent will pardon Hell grinding on a venomous tooth Predators come one by one


Mike Tony - engineer
Will Killingsworth - master
Dave English - art
James Gullickson - tape layout


released March 2, 2017


all rights reserved



ENFORCED Richmond, Virginia



IG/Twitter/FB: @enforcedrva


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